REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR MI-8 "I will always put America first and fight for our shared values!" Kristina Lyke

Why I’m Running

As a career litigator who has always lived and served in Michigan’s 8th District, I’ve been fighting for our community my entire life.  Whether I am representing a child who had her Trump pin forcibly removed at school, a veteran returning home from defending our country, a victim of domestic violence, or someone who deserved a second chance at life, I never let up or give in.  Now, I want to go to Congress to fight for you. Our Constitutional rights are under attack by the radical left. Our current representative, Elissa Slotkin, is too obsessed with her hatred for the President to effectively represent our district. I am sick and tired of attempts to chip away at our freedoms with socialist and “progressive” policies.  Instead, I will always put America First, stand up for your Second Amendment rights, support border security, and fight for common sense solutions to our most obvious challenges, such as infrastructure and healthcare.  I am asking for your vote so I can take the fight directly to the radical left and stand up for the values that make our country so great.


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