Hometown Beginnings

Kristina Lyke was born and raised in Livingston County. She learned from her father, a local UPS delivery man, and her mother, a stay-at-home-mom, the importance of family, community, and putting others ahead of one’s self. Her parents always pushed Kristina and her three brothers to work hard and never give up. They moved their family to Pinckney, Michigan so Kristina and her brothers could attend better schools, and again to Holt, Michigan, so Kristina could attend law school full-time.

Sacrifice and work ethic were two traits Kristina learned from her parents, and she put those traits into action throughout her college and law school careers. She worked at Wendy’s and Busch’s grocery store while attending Eastern Michigan University, and during law school, she worked for Prosecutor Bill Vallencourt and studied international law abroad in Italy and France. Throughout her education and early career, however, Kristina remained steadfast in her desire to serve her community.

Called to Serve

Kristina considered a career as a corporate attorney, but after spending time in small local firms and the Livingston County Prosecutor’s office, she found she enjoyed helping people achieve a better life than they did before. Although she does not have children of her own, she felt God called her to help the children right here in her district. This led her to opening her own practice in East Lansing where she has defended children, teenagers, and adults, many of whom needed a second chance at life, as well as children at the heart of divorce cases. Additionally, Kristina continues to give back to her community, offering pro bono legal aide to military veterans and volunteering with students at Michigan State University and Thomas Cooley Law School students.

Michigan Values

The Constitution begins with “We the People,” but today the “people” are often forgotten in the battle of political games in Washington, D.C. Today our rights are under attack from far-left radicals who dictate how and when we should worship, threaten our right to bear arms, push for more government in our lives, and infringe upon our freedom of speech. Kristina will be a steadfast warrior against this frightening push for socialism. Kristina’s life is possible because of the opportunities only available in America. She will fight to ensure those opportunities are available to her constituents and Americans everywhere.  

Why Michigan Likes Lyke

Kristina knows and understands the priorities, values, and struggles of the people in the 8th Congressional District because she and her family have lived them. She has spent her life making the lives of her neighbors, family, friends better. Today she is running for Congress to bring a fresh new energy to the job to ensure someone is fighting for her community instead of some extreme political agenda.